22 July 1997
got out of bed
hmm.. no oranges, no milk :(
baked an egg
made tea
ate a Fruit Cookie with the tea
10.45 - 12.00
lied down on the couch listening to Gruppo Sportivo,
Young Marble Giants, felt really lazy
12.00 - 13.00
put on an old (must have been 92 or so) exercise tape and jumped
and stretched, i can touch my toes now with my legs crossed! the
tape had extended remixes from Scritti and after that some singing 
along songs: Carpenters, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue, stuff like 
that. Put on Marco Borsato and Trijntje Oosterhuis "Wereld zonder jouw"
I love that song.
13.00 - 14.30
cleaned my windows at the front of my house (only indoors, the outside
was already done) while listening to Wham! (bad boys!) vacuum cleaned 
some and decided to put a short account of this day on the net. 
started to write down what i had done until then. 
turned on the radio: Stadradio Rotterdam, when the Wham-tape was finished. 
Arranged for 10 sacks of catty litter to be delivered at my house 
this very evening, after 18.00.
Took a shower
14.30 - 15.00
looked through some old photo's and cards for images
decided to go to where i work (i still have vacation now) to scan in some 
pictures, it will be nice to see everyone again
15.00 - 18.00
walked to work, its only 20 minutes right through the center of the city
ate a 'vietnamese roll' and bought some sweet at the little belgian baker
it was quiet at work, half the people at vacation, showed Jasper and 
Katinka my website, i think they liked it...it was weird, i realise 
the pages do not work as well when i am there at the same time, they 
really are for one person sitting behind the screen - like my own
situation usually. 
went to the librabry, i wanted to get some books on
Hans Haacke and mathematics, found a section about topology (!) i got 
a simple book about it, somewhere i must have known topology was a 
mathematical subject as well, just had not thought about that.
went to the supermarket, got some basic food and drink, got money to pay
for the catty litter. 
18.00 - 23.00
first impression home: clean windows! fresh smell!
put groceries in the fridge and started to browse through the books i had 
from the library: the one on topology is interesting, have to brush up 
my maths though, but it has interesting images - a torus..hmm rubbermathematics...
it feels good to read on mathematics again, have another book just about 
the history of numbers and arithmetic, 
catty litter gets delivered around 18.45
made a salad with smoked tofu, shitake and alfalfa and gomasio, 
treated myself on a belgian beer: Grimbergen bruno, which is my favourite at this
moment, a deep caramel like taste, very velvety and simply to die for!
watched some MTV, TMF and VH-1 - not very interesting clips, read in the books
at the same time
made coffee, espresso with boiled milk and sugar =) and a Fruit Cookie
watched a movie on tv called 'My Girl' about this girl who doesn't know her mother
and goes to LA to found out about her, i actually cried a little, felt a little
sentimental, my cat lied on my lap, 
when the movie was over i zapped a little, but nothing nice.
listened to 'Wereld zonder jou' again
23.00 - 24.00
looked at the scans i had made at work earlier, some nice images on 'workplace'
and 'field of vision' plus some holiday snaps. 
started to type out what i had written earlier, to make a page to upload.
pink is nice as a background
it was a nice day (its 23:57 the moment i type this), but it felt different
once i decided to put a simple description of this day on the net
like i was being watched
it felt a bit schizophrenic: doing things and at the same time thinking
about writing about that, thinking about how other people will visualize
what i had done this very special day
ofcourse its not a special day, nothing out of the ordinary has happened, 

ok, times up

Tomorrow is another day
23 July 1997