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Such an amazing gig it was!

Marco Raaphorst homepage |e-mail

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You were lucky.. Wish I was there !!

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5872006--0-2-, 06. 2

I was way to nervous to go for the picture together with Green. Some other people did, boy, do i envy them. But in the end Marco, Ernst and myself did talk with Green for a short bit. Ernst bought him a guinness, clever guy!

All in all, it was such a unique experience. Once in a lifetime. I probably will see them again, either in London or here in Holland. Yeah, there might be a short european tour. The Melkweg in Amsterdam was mentioned, good news! I'm really happy i went to this gig, which was introduced as a live rehearsal. There were some technical glitches, some songs obviously still in need of polishing.

After only one listen i can't comment on the quality of the songs, i'm not a technical listener anyway. I can only say, i liked it. A lot. Can't wait to hear the album, which probably will sound different from the live show, as it should.

OK, time for me to go to bed, catch up on my sleep. I'm completely worn out. But happy!


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That was nice.


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A little slice of heaven. Thank you.

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