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5972006--0-3-, 02. 0


The technology behind is actually related to the previous one, using multi dimensional arrays to control the grid of movieclips. As always, adding a little bit of animation at the end works wonders. Its a pleasure working on these kind of things, and even more so when you just happen to stumble on something which almost looks magical.


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i like it!

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its starts small, excited but determined in its initial pulse out write-ways, return... return. the period... monitoring? it picks up a knowledge of its self, in rhyme with it's before. as it grows in confidence it has a dense white clarity, a thick oneness with itself!!! which it grows and holds... for ever in its memory whilst 'it' is. but maybe it becomes bored in this clarity recognising its repetition... or over extends its desire or power to one-ify(?)... which ever, from then on an unhappiness is apparent...but it goes on, bravely weaning itself off the fat white milk of clarity... always returning, till it regains its modesty and with it the search. hoorraaghgh

how do sums relate to pictures? i don't understand the coded construction... so i'll make up a meaning... hmmmm... for all creation? thanks.

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Thank you!