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Sometimes i go through a weekend not watching tv, not reading news. Like this weekend. So when i opened the newspaper this evening, it came as a complete shock to me. Only a week ago on Dutch tv there was a documentary on Gerard Reve, which i enjoyed watching. I havne't read all his books. But i do remember starting toread 'Nader tot u' in the airplane on my way to London, as i write here:

I might be more influenced by Reve than i realise, more by friends than by having read the books. Its a pity there is no 'U' in english, the polite form of 'you'. ('Sie' in german.) I always enjoy using that word. It creates distance, but when i do, its used intimate. You should honour the people closest to thee.


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Why a shock? We all will die. Didn't you know that?

But I understand. In the western world we don't want to think about death etc. Which is not good because any human being is trained for all sorts of things, but we are not prepared to accept our own death.

Reve was an imporant figure for many. His life was meant to be.

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