21.10 CET, July 14, 1999

The last couple days have been so upbeat, happy, lots of energy, plans, working till late in the evening. So now its time to pay: i feel exhausted. I didn't sleep well last night, my mind kept on wandering. Today it was chaotic at work, not really busy, but many small things to do. Last night i did work on some pixeldrawing. I had it all figured out, what i was gonna do today, even tomorrow and the day after.
But all i can feel now is that i should take a rest, slow down a bit. So thats what i'm gonna do, take a shower, lie on cushions on the floor and listen to some classical music and then an early night. I don't even feel like writing here very much, sorry\. I'll be back on schedule tomorrow, but i don't even feel like thinking about that. I'll just leave tomorrow till tomorrow.

See ya, and take care.


08.32 CET, July 15, 1999

It figures, the day i'm really tired, i can't upload my page to the server. So yesterday was the first day i''ve really missed (the day i overslept is half a day). Due to technical problems, but still...
It'll probably be solved today (they'd better..), i already got an email of Edwin from Luna that they are aware of the problem. A lot of my pages are suddenly out of the air as well, very strange. There is probably a lesson to be learned here, don't ya think?


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