Thanks everybody for writing to me, sending me cards, really making me feel better.
Right now, i want to keep quiet a little. I did find this maze game,
it reminds me of all the labyrinths i made.
Enjoy your day, remember the good times.
Love, Ellen

Saturday December 18, 20.58

I feel like waking up from a bad dream. I'm not sure where all that came from, and secretly, i wish i hadn't said anything about it here.
But what is done is done.

The one thing that is most important, what cheers me up mostly, and that is making presents. Which reminds me, i still haven't got that maze-thing solved, i keep getting lost, turning round and round. Suddenly the exit is 54 steps to the north, in stead of to the south. My sense of direction is ytterly useless!

Anyways, now i'm gonna watch 'A touch of Frost'.