Yesterday i wrote: And i don't remember what happened that day!
Only after i uploaded the page, and checked the link and saw what i made that day, i realised that that was the day Green Gartside (of Scritti Politti) had an online chat that day. I remember waiting, he was really late, and finally he started to answer questions. I had mailed my most important questions, but he never answered those (i'm still waiting...).

It was disappointing, ofcourse. Its all suddenly normal, i could feel that he was 'just chatting'. But while watching the answers scroling down the screen, i did realise i had to ask some kind of serious question. So i did. And 10 minutes later he did answer! I felt excited, nervous, looking hypnotized at the screen. He was really talking to me! Me, Ellen...

So, that was the day i didn't remember yesterday. Figures.