Monday October 9, 2000
18.03 BST

I knew beforehand i would have some difficult times here, i knew i would miss my friends, i knew i would miss my house, everything familiar. I didn't know i was going to miss it this much though. And work is ok, but its so completely different from what i'm used to, and that takes time to get into. The people are nice, but i don't know them that well. And my english is good, but i miss a lot, and it makes me feel clumsy, and sometimes i can't find the right words, and that makes me feel so very selfconscious.

Right, thats me in my complaining mood. I know it'll blow over. I just miss a friend right now.

Think i'm going to treat myself to some indian food. something hot and spicy, something filling, and a Cobra beer to go with that, and then cuddle up in my room and read, turn on the heat tonight, cuz its bloody freezing here, and try to think of tomorrow as a new day, better then this one is. Hope so.


PS. Someone sittingopposite me just started to blow bubbles, that made me smile. It'll all just pass, i know. Byebye!