My Favourite Buffy links

The sites i check every day are the news sites. Whedonesque works best for me, its uptodate, loads quickly, and happens to be Dutch. User number 1 behind Whedonesque is milo, who at one time programmed javascript present for me. Another news site is, but its slower, and they often have the same links as Whedonesque - still i usually check it out. has a lot of episodes for download. They are small (352 x 240), but they are there. I've tried downloading stuff through Limewire, but its just hopeless. The mac sucks in that area. Slayerweb is in german, so i only go there for the videos.

The best forum around is Television Without Pity. Lots of feed, good organization, and strictly on topic. They also do recaps of all the episodes aired. Another episodes guide is Loey's, its not as ironic/sarcastic/occasionally funny as Television Without Pity, but a good read.

The Bronze VIP Posting Board Archives has some comments of writes, directors and actors. Admittedly, its a lot to got through to end up at some cryptic remarks. Bit fuzzy, but fun. In a boring kind of way. (Couldn't resist, thats from a certain episode.)
The idiot's guide to continuity on Buffy the Vampire Slayer is wonderful, love the graphs. And the EZ Quick Reference Chart on Character Histories is a must for novices. You won't get Buffy without it.

And then ofcourse, for the really depraved and wicked, Text, text, text. Lots of it. They could do with some text formatting, a little line height, some paragraphs. Nothing a little css couldn't fix. But alrights, i've gone through a lot of articles. Got a soft spot for things like this.

Last one: atpobtvs. Like the url.