I'll keep it brief. I got a couple of things to say. First of all, i'm going to start making presents again. The format which worked best for me was the 5-days-a-week one, in which i have the weekend to enjoy some free time, so i'll stick to that one. Updates will be evenings mostly, but you never know, maybe an idea hits me early morning.

The site is redesigned and reorganized. Navigation is clearer. The old weblog, besides, is gone. Its is replaced with a small comment-system which is connected to a present. Much more appropriate.

All presents are categorized and put into a database. There is no content management system as such, so i still got to add things to the database myself, but i think i know what i'm doing. [emoticon] Its possible to add presents to a favorites page, a small service for people who like to visit this site a lot and keep forgetting which present they liked best.

Its kinda late now, and after finishing these writings, i'm gonna upload everything. I might have overlooked something, a typo, a script that doesn't work, anything. Please let me know, through comments or email. As always, this place is ever evolving, always room for improvement.

OK, thats it for now. Seeya monday.

Cheers, bye!