Some ranting

Typical. I just deleted the stuff i typed in earlier, because it was going nowhere. That was the ranting, in case you were wondering. I'm not gonna do a rant this evening, or at least try to prevent myself ...

Actually, the rant was supposed to be about how its nice that not every day is packed full of new stuff, interesting stuff, but just packed full with everyday stuff. And it was also gonna mention that it was typical that i was just sitting/lying on the couch, my head filled with thoughts, and the moment i sat behind my computer - Mr. Mouse luckily still asleep on same couch, so he can't sit in front of the monitor - my head was empty. That emptyniess only lasted for a very short moment though, so that is why i deleted what i typed in earlier.

Another thing, the filmfestival! Took friday and monday off, so i got a bit of time to see some films during the day. But i still gotta check out the programme. Part of me wants to just go and see what happens, with the risk many films will be sold out. Another part wants to make this pesonal schedule and plan every single move. Probably the best thing is to go real early and get tickets for the day. Get the daily filmfestivalpaper, read it while standing in line and just see what available.

Some filmfestival related sites from friends: Zone 5300 filmblog (Dutch) and the drunkmenworkhere filmblog (English)

An interview

If you're interested in my work on this website, you might wanna read this interview on the Decade of Webdesign website. Click on 'interviews' or this direct link.

A bit of music on the side

Madness and Madonna!
Flashdance from Deep Dish.
The rest on shuffle. Updated for as long as i'm online.
Pet Shop Boys, Was it worth it?
Prince, Partyman.
Alanis Morrisette, Hand in pocket.
Kraftwerk, Heimcomputer.
Nirvana, Come as you are
Serge Gainsbourg, La-bas c'est naturel.
Sugababes, Stronger
Jacques Brel, Mathilde
Alemayehu Eshete, Ya Tara
Scritti Politti, Here come July
Kelis, Protect my heart
Irma Thomas, Rules of my heart
Jacques Brel, Il y a
Prince, Little red corvette
XTC, Dear God
Talking Heads, Wild wild life
Scritti Politti, Oh Patti
Kishore Kumar, Nakhrewali
Miss Kittin, Happy Valentine
Missy Elliot, I can't stand the rain