The tree in fron tof my house is getting small green leaves. They are still like little green specks not covering the branches. I didn't look at it yesterday, i was home much later, going to the gym after work. I like the way it is, but it'll probably only lasts for a couple of days. You must think by now, why not type this. I'm thinking the same thing. This Waclom tablet is nice, but its strange writing on it. Maybe if i change the sensitivity? oops, hmm, thinks thats better. More like a feltpen right now.On my way home i thought about the presents i made, the drawings, the one i made yesterday. Not very clear, not like a flowershape. You draw a flower, you know, its a flower, no need to explain. It's a simple flower, the chi8lds version of a flower, like a symbol. The way you look at it, you take it in one look. Different from reading, where your eye has to walk over the shapes... like that... I was thinking about this because of a remark someone made at work about the present yesterday: what is it? It is nice walking home thinking about these things. Nce to see the trees getting greener. Nice even walking in the rain. It's raining right now. But i digress... or not... I hope you can read my handwriting. Maybe i should write a little bigger! And slower too... Anyway, i knmow this might all be a bit arty, but, you know.. it is my background, i did go to artschool. BEsides, it's just a day, another day, another present. And it doesn't really matter what i write here, what i really wanna do is fill the space. With text, words, letters. And a few drawings. I also went for a two column layout, because otherwise the lines get too long. The graphic designer in me surfaces. But even though, this is just another day, another present, i'm also thinking. Drawing, writing, gestures, shapes, meaning, meaninglessness. Thinking through making things, presents! lfs, Ellen