Looking back

That was a really nice, very relaxed little trip going back to some familiar places, in more senses than one. First, it was almost 4 years since i was in London. I loved the feeling of having to trust my feet to guide me through streets i knew i walked before, but couldn't map out clearly in my head. Bought Simon Reynolds' book, Rip it up and start again. Even more a looking back than going to London was. A period i experienced quite close, in my late teens, almost every group he talks about, Joy Division, Gang of Four, Psychic TV, Talking Heads, Birthday Party, DAF, Liaison Dangereuses, Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, Wire, etc, etc i have in my collection, either vinyl or heavily deteriorated cassette. I do miss a chapter on the Cherry Red label, which only gets a small mention in the book. At the time, i was a big Eyeless in Gaza fan. Still remember a wonderful gig in The Hague, of which i got a cassette stacked away somewhere.

Being a Scritti Politti fan from the middle 80s onward, i always found it odd i didn't know them at that time, from when they released Songs to Remember in 1982. Only after i moved to more popular music - 23 Skidoo was the latest postpunk bands i liked, around 85 - and Prince entered my world, i got to know Scritti through Cupid & Psyche 85. A hugely unsetling record, which i initially enjoyed, sang along with and danced around on, in a very gentle way it gradually changed the way i looked at the world and my place in it. Its wonderful reading a book which gives some credit to Scritti - not too much, but enough for me - and places it in a wider context.

I read the book fast over the past few days, but i want to reread it and play the music, most of which i got already. Looking forward to it, there's music in there i haven't heard for ten, twenty years.

Other than that, time to go and make some presents again! This little break did me good though, i feel kinda recharged, which hopefully is a good thing.

lfs, Ellen