Last friday i bought a new camera, a Canon Ixus 30. Not the biggest most expensive one, but a cute, extremely small one i can carry around with me all the time. Sofar, i'm really happy with it. Took some pictures today, and first i wanted to upload one here as a present, but than i remembered i had this empty flickr-account, from months ago. Getting more interested in tag clouds, this seems like a perfect oppurtunity to use flickr, experiment with it. To make uploading easier, i downloaded the iPhoto plugin, so i can upload the pictures i want straight from iPhoto.

Tomorrow there won't be a present, as my hosting provider will migrating some sites (including this one) to a (hopefully) better and bigger one. Time for me to start backup some stuff, make a database dump and such... you never know. Besides, i like to have a local backup.

On another note, this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be special presents-days. I've been invited to participate in the project Papenvenster. I will make life / semi-life / fake-life presents between 23.00 and 00.00 CET. You're welcome to watch.