I apologize. I know i don't really need to, but it's my choice, i want to. I've neglected presents the past week. In my defense, work was really, i mean really hectic and stressful. I did work all weekend. I couldn't fall asleep easily, like i normally do. I did wake up early, my head filled with actionscript questions and answers.

The worst is over, for now. I'm over the top of the hill, still lots of things to do, but its gonna work. So tonight i'm gonna do nothing. Its too hot anyway. Take a cool shower, finish the last beer from the fridge. Fall asleep early, read a bit in the art of project management, which i got this saturday. Never thought i might actually enjoy a book like that, but i do! So there, see you in a bit, refreshed and ready to rock! :P

lfs, Ellen