Google, today, has indexed 6250 pages of, but only 6170 for 50 backlinks for, and only 9 for Yahoo only index 1220 pages of, 1210 for All not terribly interesting, but still, nice to know. *smile*

Ooh... Googlizer.

29400 (!!!) voor, which is more than the 17800 voor (kinda surprising that, i expected more...)

July 31, 22.01

Did a bit of work on the comments, implemented Milo's hack, so you can see all comments in one page, added a linkback to the present where the comments belong to. Other than that, a bit of a lost weekend due to sudden cold, nothing really bad, just a sore throat and feeling tired. And damn, i forgot to watch Top Gear this evening, too busy working on this. Luckily there is a repeat tuesday!