A bit of both

Over the past few weeks i've been really busy with bibbly-o-tek, the Scritti blog. In the beginning i worked on the gigography, which was good fun, the researching, trying to find information on early scritti gigs (sparse at best) and the making of the list. I had this idea of implementing lists with a hover effect, derived from using lists for menu's. Ofcourse Explorer messed up hugely, but i finally managed to get that too in line. I needed to write an odd javascript to add a z-index to all ul- and li-elements in ascending order, but it did work!

After that bibbly got the offer to incorporate the Scritti Cola content and have John Hyde join the team as an author. That means that what started out as a fanblog now is transforming into a serious Scritti Politti resource. Most of my time the past week was spend on making thumbnails for the video's, changing the structure of bibbly and adding the content.

Working on bibbly also gave me the chance to get to know Wordpress a little bit better. I installed it once, but as i don't use blog software for lfs, i never really got into it. If you know your php, html and css and dive into template-tags and custom templates for pages, it's a dream to work with! It even had me thinking if i could use it for lfs somehow, but i'm not sure.

Which brings me to another thing on my mind for a couple of months now. Lfs always started with the newest content as a splash page. But since i added a rss feed a year ago, the need for putting it up front is not as great as it was years ago. Through the feed you can get to the new present if you want to, but when you come to lfs as a accidental visitor - i have some funny search results: lfs (usually linux from scratch), one night stand, lekker ding, onlinedance, lovely pervert's photos - it must be a bit bewildering. So i might just change that and make a proper homepage, with the latest presents, some archived ones, maybe even my del.icio.us links and flickr photos and any other content i think is interesting. I might even drop the 'preview' name. Which means i have to alter every link to the preview page. As lfs is a static website, that means ouch, a lot of work. Thank god for BBedit search and replace!

It's gonna be a while though. Still need to add lots of content to bibbly, and need to have time to experiment with a new lfs. But if you have any comment on what you would like to see on a new frontpage of lfs, just tell me in the comments. I'd like to hear it.