To do's

  1. Site: Design an iPhone website icon
  2. Site: Add the new Google Analytics code to all pages
  3. Site: Remove old counters nedstat and hotstat from all old pages
  4. Site: Check all the php code
  5. Site: Check for linkrot
  6. Site: Make a seperate css file for IE (limited functionality)
  7. Site: Clean up unused html files in root
  8. Backend: Implement administration section
  9. Homepage: New design
  10. Homepage: Write content
  11. Homepage: Optimize for iPhone
  12. Homepage: Check texts and links homepage
  13. Homepage: Add back to top link at the bottom
  14. Homepage: Write some more text for the 'other projects' above the footer
  15. Homepage: Add a link and text to the 1986 drawings
  16. Presents: Set up basic html structure present
  17. Presents: css for navigation next, previous and home
  18. Presents: Javascript show/hide or animation for about tab
  19. Presents: css for navigation next, previous and hoe
  20. Presents: Make new presents

About present 619: To do's

13:14 - 14:31 - April 19, 2009

Writing about making presents feels awkward. It has been a long time. Really, it feels like when i started out in 1997, not sure what step to take next. But i've moved on, and i know there is only one way out through the hesitation. Start working!

Last week i moved lfs.nl to a new server at mediatemple. I still need to do many many things. This present is as simply the to do list. I was working on the css and javascript functionality for these pages, but it took a bit longer than i anticipated. So this is a in between present declaring intent.

As for the past years of silence. I'm not sure i need to explain myself really. I simply didn't feel like making presents, i had no inspiration, no ideas. As ever, i'm not sure how this will move on. The idea though is to focus on making presents primarely for the iPhone. I've been reading about it a lot over the past month and it started to itch. So i'm starting to scratch again.

Ooh, i almost forgot! I'm leaving out the comment option for each present. It started to become very spammy (grrr). So on to twitter to comment on a present, if you wish. The hastag #lfs isn't used much - see hashtags.org/tag/lfs - so it seems a good option. For a moment i thought #lfs.nl might be better, but it's 3 characters longer, and i like #lfs more! You can find me @ellenpronk.