Present 621hey

First of all, welcome back happy few people who might still be watching this website. I have no idea if any of you still do. I do plan to post around that i started working on again, so... hmm... maybe a couple will read this. Hey!

I wasn't sure what i was going to make this evening, but i did know i would make something. Sitting in the bus from work i felt i had to make something huge, but pfff... i'm too tired. It is hard to start again. I did make a present this year in June, but i was only half happy with that one. I do enjoy the layout and design, keeping that.

Anyway, this weekend i went through the entire website on my iPad. So many empty pages! I do need to get more control about the canvas-element and start to use it properly. But still, i did enjoy the pages i read, the drawings and html/php pages. 17 years... man. It's hard to believe. I don't know why i stopped making presents. It just sort of faded away. I'm glad i'm back. Not sure how many times a week i will update, my current job is in the middle of the country in Almere, with traveling i'm away from home for 12 hours.

I'll be going soon. I need to upload this, make a new entry in the database, add a next link to the last present i made. Basically 5 minutes work :)

I just wanna say, today was a good day. I had a talk in the train with this guy who was solving the Rubik's Cube. His name was Jaap. He explained to me how to solve the cube. The middle is fixed, you start working on the cross first, then the corners. He was kinda cute! Maybe i'll meet him again someday, in the Fyra. He called the train the Fyra yes, the old name. It's called an Intercity Direct now, but i do agree with him. Fyra!

Oh well. Lots more happened today, nothing big, but well.. like i said it was a good day. Going to bed now, hopefully i'll get some sleep tonight. This past week was a bit much, i hardly slept at all. My head just spinning around around and around.

So from me to you: goodnight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.