Present 630A good day

It was a lovely day today. Not that i slept really well, i woke up around four. But i'm used to that, and these days i don't need to get out at six, so i lay in bed a bit longer than usual, till around half past nine. When i got out of bed, I did the chores i always do: clean up the catty litter box, check facebook and twitter, making breakfast with bread and an omelet. I turn on some music, the usual spotify MIXTAPES i play these days. They do get more fun with more songs added! Then i go and sit behind my computer and started to play a little Warcraft. Only for half an hour or so, doing my daily garrison chores. I also did a little fishing in Talador for my daily fishing quest.

Time to do some shopping! It's a tuesday today, so i go to the market. First though i decided to drink a cappucino and some cake at the Urban Espresso Bar. I read this new Rotterdam magazine Gers while i slowly ate the chocolate cake. Lovely! A bit too much to be honest, but i did eat it all. Then on to the market, i bought some old cheese and some vegetables. A short trip to the supermarket, the baker and then back home again.

While i was walking on the market i thought about a present. At first i wanted to make another canvas one, maybe like the one i made yesterday with colour added. Then i thought about setting up a kickstarter project for lfs. I remember thinking that i would set it up later. In a few weeks time. But then, i kept on thinking, hmm, these projects actually run for a month or so. And then i thought, what if i do it now? Today? Why not?

So when i got home, i ate something. It was around one o'clock. And then i went behind my computer and actually made a kickstarter project. For lfs. I added an image, this one i made at work one day with a blue pen.

Hey I'm Ellen
Sometimes i'm on top of the world
Other times i'm down the dumps
This time i'm gonna save the world!!!
Jippie <3

It took me a few hours to fill up all the forms. I had to decide the rewards, the amount of money to be paid. I had to think of a biografy, a description of the project. Most texts i could copy from the website. I did write quite a lot!

Finally i committed the project, to find out it was going to be read by someone from kickstarter. In a few days. So i couldn't post it. It was not going to be my present of today. I then decided to write about this day, write this text. After diner, coffee, a little dancing and the start of The Lord of the Rings, which i might watch after i finish this page.

Today is a good day.